The National Commission for Public Debate (CNDP) is an independent French authority whose remit is to organise public debates on planning and infrastructure projects of national interest with major socio-economic stakes that will significantly impact the environment or regional development.

On 5 December 2012, the CNDP organised a public debate on the Rugby Grand Stade project. This project is located on the Ris-Orangis racecourse site in the Essonne district, 33kms south of Paris. Designed as an 82 000 seating capacity arena, the stadium will welcome rugby matches along with other sporting and leisure activities. With costs estimated at 600 million Euros, the project will be funded by the French Rugby Federation (FFR) with a loan guaranteed by the Essonne General Council, matched with public investments.  It will be carried by the FFR, the Essonne General Council, Evry Centre Essonne Agglomeration Community (CAECE) and the cities of Bondoufle and Ris-Orangis.

The debate will take place between 7 November 2013 and 21 February 2014. It will be organised and led by a Special Commission, appointed by the CNDP, neutral and independent from the project owners. It will enable the general public to be informed and express its opinion on the project’s opportunity, objectives and distinguishing features. Two months after the debate’s closing, the Special Commission and the CNDP will jointly write up the report and assessment. The contracting authorities will then have three months to reveal next steps: abandoning, pursuing or modifying the project.

How to keep informed and participate in the debate?

You can:

  • Read the project management report overview.
  • Ask a question on the project or the debate in French or English (see the form below). If your question is in English, it will be translated into French before being published on the website’s dedicated debate space. A response will also be sent via e-mail in the selected language of your choice.
  • Give your opinion on the project or debate (see form below). Similarly, if your opinion is in English, it will be translated into French before appearing on our discussion forums.
  • Write up a detailed analysis focusing on the overall project. Your contributions will then be translated and published on our website. Send your proposals to
  • Follow the public meetings broadcasted live on the debate’s website (in French): the opening meeting on 28/11/2013, the meeting on the project and rugby in France on 23/1/2014 and the closing meeting on 20/2/2014. All meetings are scheduled between 8pm and 11pm, except for that of Toulouse which will be broadcasted between 7pm and 9pm (French local time).
  • Follow the debate on Twitter (@gdstaderugby_dp) and Facebook (grandstagerugby.debatpublic) (in French)

Your questions, opinions, and contributions will be taken into account in the drawing up of the Special Commission’s report; we thank you for your participation.